Why You Need A Butler’s Pantry In Your New Home

By March 20, 2017Home Designs

One of the great things about modern home designs is the kitchen.  Gone are the days of small poky kitchens at the back of the house- these days they’re spacious, open, and central.  They’re efficient to work in, and they’re stylish to look at.  In many cases they’re the “star” of the home.  And so they should be, given the amount of time we spend in them every day.

But sometimes, with this open design comes one issue – many people don’t like to see mess in their beautiful modern kitchen.  If you’re hosting a dinner party, you’d rather not be distracted by clutter or dishes while you’re entertaining.  This is why the Butler’s Pantry is seeing a recent surge in popularity.   If you’re building your dream kitchen in your new home, including a butler’s pantry will ensure your kitchen looks perfect as for as much of the time as possible.

Just adjacent to the kitchen, the butler’s pantry is a place to store things you need quick access to, but you mightn’t want left in clear view.  It’s a place where you can do food preparation, and leave any dishes or clutter out of sight. If you need to wash dishes or do more food preparation during your dinner party, it can be done in the privacy of the butler’s pantry.

Appliances can stay in there, leaving your kitchen benchtops clear.  It’s also a perfect place to store the crockery that doesn’t get used on a regular basis- helping to maximize the space in the main kitchen.

Some things to consider when designing a butler’s pantry:

  • Be sure to include plenty of power points. You’ll probably find you’ll use a lot of your appliances in there, and you’ll appreciate not having to unplug one to plug in another.
  • If space is an issue, investigate the many options for clever storage like small drawers. Long, slim shelves are also efficient because they ensure things are easy to see at a glance, nothing is lost at the back.
  • If you have space for a larger butler’s pantry, the options are just about endless- it could even accommodate a second fridge or freezer.
  • If budget is a concern, bear in mind you don’t need to use the most high-end finishes inside the butler’s pantry- you can consider using cheaper materials like laminate benchtops, since they won’t be on display. Just keep the same colour scheme flowing from the kitchen to the butler’s pantry for continuity.  And remember, you’re already getting excellent value in your kitchen with Planbuild: highly sought-after items like 20mm Cesarstone benchtops are a “signature inclusion” with us, not a costly add-on.

So if you’re planning your dream kitchen, a butler’s pantry may well be a part of it.  Our consultants are ready to help you with advice on the latest designs and colours, so you can build a kitchen you love, that’s just right for you. Contact us today and speak to one of our Home and Land experts, or call 1300 808 797.