Tips For Visiting Display Homes

By March 20, 2017Home Designs, Tips and Hints

Visiting display homes is an exciting step for anyone planning to build their own home.  It’s a chance to be inspired, get hands-on and really get a sense of what your dream home will one day look like. But to make sure you get it just right, you need to invest some time in it.  Here are five tips to get the best out of your display home visit.

Before even setting foot in a display home, it pays to do some research online first. Think about what you need and want in your new home.  Think about how long you want to live there, and what sort of features your home will need over that time.  Consider the number of bedrooms, and whether you prefer single or double storey. Then have a look at some floor plans online, to help you decide which ones might suit you and your family.

Come armed with a list of the things you want to see, as well as questions for the sales consultant.  Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions!  If you have your land already, bring the details along in case there are any special considerations. (Particularly if it’s a narrow block, you’ve come to the right place- Planbuild are the small lot specialists.) If not, be sure to ask about House and Land packages. Bring a notepad and paper through the display homes with you too, to jot down questions along the way, or notes about features you really love- anything from fixtures, to a colour scheme or a layout.  If you’re visiting a number of display homes, your notes will really come in handy at the end of the day to ensure all the details don’t become a blur!

Allow plenty of time
You’ll want to be able to take your time exploring the display homes.  Rushing will only mean you’ll miss or forget details.  This is your chance to get hands-on, and see what you like and what will work for you and your family.  Be mindful that you may need to make a few visits before making final decisions.   Kids are welcome to come through the display homes, but you may be more comfortable having someone look after them so you can really focus!

Try to imagine yourself living in the home.  Will it fit your family comfortably?  Does the kitchen work for you?  If you like to entertain, will the outdoor area suit?

Pay attention to the bigger picture too- for example, does the home feel welcoming when you step through the front door?  Do you like how it flows? Listen to your gut instinct.  You might also like to check out whether the design allows for any modifications.

Our experienced consultants are only too happy to answer all your questions, and help you settle on a home design you love.