Tips For Buying Land

Searching for a premium block of land can sometimes be a very tiresome and difficult task. No sooner do they become available – the get snapped up and the ideal blocks are always on high demand. So, if you’re looking for a block of land to build your dream home, read up on some of our latest tips to help you seek out the best value!

Where to start

  • Start by researching and selecting the area/suburb you want to live in. Look for new development areas, and also homes for sale that you could potentially knockdown and rebuild.
  • Make sure the land is located in close proximity to public transport, schools and a shopping precinct.
  • Choose a suburb close to or within an area that the government is spending money on infrastructure, this should ensure property price growth in the future.

Things to consider

  • Soil: You should consider having a soil test performed by a qualified engineer before you buy land. The cost of building your house’s foundations can ultimately depend on the type of soil that it’s built on. The type of soil that your property is situated on can incur extra costs for earthworks and land retention.
  • Steepness: The steepness of the land must also be considered since steeper land is likely to be more-costly to build upon. Be aware of blocks that lie beneath the level of the road as they might present a problem with water runoff in stormy weather.
  • Utilities: Contact utility companies to check the cost of connecting your block of land to water, gas and electricity if the service connections are not included.
  • Orientation: Land with a north-facing alignment and a backyard can reduce your energy bills. This is because north-facing rooms are able to maximise the amount of sunlight received during winter and minimise sunlight exposure during the warmer months. This will mean your future house is naturally warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Trees: There may be restrictions on removing trees that could prove expensive
  • Street Appeal: Next, make sure your land and surrounding blocks are affected by encumbrances that require your neighbours to landscape and take care of their property, as neglected properties can drag down the value of your property.
  • Avoid: Avoid bush fire zones as the construction costs are higher in bush fire zones because they include special treatments to windows and additional sprinkler systems. Also avoid land that is situated too close to an intersection or an industrial estate.

What you need to know about the Block

Area: Blocks of land come in all shapes and sizes. There are house blocks in new residential subdivisions that have all the services ready to be connected, from water and electricity to fibre-to-the-home Internet. There are blocks where the owner of a very large house block in an established community has sub-divided. There are small acreages, generally on the outskirts of rural towns with some amenities like electricity and garbage collection. There are farm properties – from small to large to enormous – possibly with the only service being the telephone. You can even consider buying a block of land that has a low-value house on it which you demolish.

Shape and Size: There are square and rectangular blocks, corner blocks, battle-axe blocks and blocks with no street frontage and a long driveway for access. There are flat blocks, steep blocks, sloped blocks, blocks with cliffs, blocks set down from the road and blocks set above the road. There are low-lying blocks and blocks with waterways nearby. There are blocks that face north-south or east-west, blocks that are in the lee of a hill and ones which fully face the weather. There are timbered blocks, blocks close to bushland, rocky blocks and blocks subject to erosion or with unstable soil.

 How to find the right block of Land

If you are struggling with finding the right location or the right house and land package or simply just too busy to research all the factors involved with buying land, speak to us today about our House and Land Packages, our builders have already calculated the costs involved in building on the land, so there shouldn’t be any surprises.

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