This Years Colour Palette: What’s On Trend

By March 20, 2017Interior Design

When it comes to interior decorating, this year it’s all about creating a sanctuary.  And it makes perfect sense: Our lives are increasingly busy, chaotic and technology-heavy, so when we come home we want to escape from it all, switch off and just relax in comfort in our own space.  Colour trends this year definitely follow that theme.  Here are the four colour palettes that are on trend this year, and the message that goes with them is to customise:  make your home suit you.

Soft pastels
Think dusty pinks, soft greys, neutrals.  They’re relaxing to look at, and they create a calm escape.  They pair well with the metallic and copper accessories that are still on trend this year, and with various shades of timber.

These can range from olive and moss tones to a deeper bottle green for the more adventurous.  Green represents nature, and evokes a sense of bringing the outside in.  It’s symbolic of life and energy, and is well recognised as being calming and soothing.  Potted indoor plants of exclusively green foliage are back in fashion for this very reason.

Splashes of colour around a room are sure to bring a smile to your face.  They’re vibrant and invigorating, evoking the feeling of summer. Think lemon yellow paired with mint green, coral with aqua, or splashes of magenta or orange.  This is a chance to be bold and experimental, and really create your own “happy place.”

These shades give our eyes a welcome rest from the chaos of the day.  They make a room feel tranquil and cozy.
Using dark shades on your walls might seem like a bold move, but it can be a wise one when used carefully, in the right setting.  Black or near-black shades go with everything- they compliment all colours, and textures.  You can choose a warm or cool colour scheme- Think of a crisp navy wall set off with bright accessories, or chocolate brown complimented by mint green.

Also worth noting this year, is the huge popularity of texture: timber, concrete, marble, and metallic accents all add another layer of depth and interest to your décor.

Even if your natural instinct is to play it safe with classic white walls, it’s easy to pick up these trends with your furniture and accessories.  But why not consider experimenting with a bold pop of colour on a feature wall- it’s a way to dip a toe outside your comfort zone. And you never know- you may just love the result, and the calming effect it could have on your mood, and your life.