The Truth About Display Homes

If you’re considering building, renovating, or are just interested in property, Display Home villages are perhaps one of the most fun and exciting ways to spend your weekend; Row after row of gleaming, spectacular homes greet you as you pull into the perfectly kept roads, gardens and surrounds. Stepping into these lavishly appointed and perfectly finished and decorated homes leaves you with a sense of wonder and excitement. Quite often you’re left with an urgent feeling of “I NEED this! This is the one!!”

Walking out of these dramatically beautiful homes and into the perfectly air-conditioned sales room, you rush to the closest smiling sales person and excitedly ask: “How much for that exact house?”

When the sales person comes back with a price that can only described as too good to be true, your already excited brain starts doing backflips as you consider how much you would save compared to some of the daggy old homes you’ve seen on the real estate sites. To think! You are going to get the home of your dreams, be the envy of all your friends, (I mean come on! Who wouldn’t be jealous of THIS home), AND save a fortune.

You sit down and pour over all the beautiful glossy brochures, working hard with the sales person to construct your perfectly customised home, and happily hand over your email address to the lovely person helping you, so that they can send through the quote.

And that’s where the fairy tale ends…

The quote is triple what they said it would be! (“That was the base price you see”, you’re told when you phone up the sales person in horror), and it doesn’t even include grass!

Your dreams of being the envy of your friends are dashed to pieces, and you either give up totally, or dramatically lower your expectations, (you can live without the built in spa, rumpus room, parents’ retreat, and all the other beautiful extras you thought would be included), and who really needs a guest bedroom anyway?

Suddenly the beautiful home you thought you were going to get turns out to be just another ordinary home on the street – and you’ve probably spent more than your original budget allowed.

At Planbuild, we have No Smoke and Mirrors – when you walk into our display homes, we give you the actual price of that home, and explain carefully that certain fixtures and fittings are upgrades. The focus of our display homes is the home, fittings and actual build quality – we like to show you realistically what you can expect your home to look like, so that you have all the information you need to make an educated decision – which is why our home consultants will always give you the most accurate possible price up front.

We don’t deal in disappointment – we deal giving you more where it matters most!

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us at Planbuild Homes.