The Roof is On – Project Update

By September 5, 2017Building Industry, Home Designs

**A Little Disclaimer** As we move forward with this series, you will see a new stage every week.  However, these stages can take a lot longer than a week to finish, this is not The Block.

The roof is on, the windows are going in and it finally looks a like a house not a giant game of pick up sticks!!  This home’s roof is the brand new Matt Series from Colorbond.

Unfortunately, the pitch of this roof doesn’t really let you see it but the velvety finish of this product is absolutely spectacular.

The majority of the work this time around is getting it to ‘lock-up stage’ and finishing all external areas. So now you have all your framing and sheeting done, the roof is on and we have also now installed the windows, fascia, and the gutters. Brickwork, cladding and electrical and plumbing “roughing” is also be installed during this stage. Roughing is the installation of services in wall cavities, before the walls are lined with plaster.

Enjoy this brief glimpse of well, everything, because the dreaded, blanketing mass we call scaffolding is coming…stay tuned…