The Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

By March 20, 2017Home Designs

Modern bathrooms are designed to feel like a sanctuary. They’re sleek with clean lines for a calm feel. Space is a key factor – a spacious bathroom feels like the height of luxury. But any size bathroom can feel big with the help of a few design tricks. With that in mind, here are a few of the latest trends in bathroom design.

Colours and Tiles
One thing that’s pretty timeless when it comes to bathroom design, is the use of a neutral colour scheme. It’s soothing, and you’re unlikely to tire of it. You can simply change accessories and towels to update the look according to changing trends. Of course, neutral doesn’t have to mean bland or boring- you could use a darker, but complimentary colour, to make a statement- like charcoal paired with greys. But consider their use carefully- too much of a dark colour can make the bathroom look smaller. Large tiles remain popular, because they really add to the sense of space. Features are going textural- think stone or timber.

Bathtubs and basins
Choosing a sleek, rectangular style here will add to the sense of space- the smooth lines help the eyes to travel, thereby making the area feel bigger. Slightly rounded corners on the tub or sink are used to soften the overall look, and add to the calming ambience while maintaining the modern feel.

The exception here though, is for stand-alone tubs. These become a central feature of the bathroom so why not make them eye-catching with dramatic sweeping curves, and a rounded style.

A wall-hung vanity will also add to the sense of space. When it’s up off the floor it adds to that clean, open feel: the more visible floor space, the bigger the room feels. Your vanity can include some slim drawers or cabinets and still be up off the floor. If you think storage will be an issue, wall niches and a mirror cabinet will provide more space to keep your things.

The latest styles are quite sleek and un-obtrusive. Concealed toilets (cistern in the wall) are both space-saving and sophisticated, reminiscent of bathrooms in luxury hotels. Look for accessories like soft-close lids and even heated seats.

Mixers remain very popular, though three-piece sets are making a comeback. Metallic finishes add to the sense of glamour. But there is such a vast range of tapware available right now, it really comes down to preference. Visiting a showroom or display home will allow you to get really hands-on and choose your favourite style.

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal choice- it’s your bathroom, you’re the one who’ll be living with it, so make the choices YOU love.