The Latest Flooring Trends

Struggling to choose floor coverings for your home?  There are so many options, each with their own star qualities that make them perfect in certain areas.  Here’s a look at what’s on trend right now in flooring.


Tiles are the ultimate hard-wearing and low-maintenance floor covering.  The trend right now is for large scale tiles, which really make a room feel bigger, and impart a sense of grandeur.

Tiles will always be the top pick in bathrooms, and they’re great in kitchens too because they’re water resistant and can stand up to the high foot traffic.  In warmer climates tiles can be used right throughout the living areas of the house if you desire, with rugs as an option to soften the effect.  But they can be quite cold, which means that’s not a favourable option in cooler climates.   


Timber flooring is hugely popular for its earthy, warm look.  Styles can range from vintage or country to modern, and wide planks are on trend right now.  The long lines are visually pleasing, especially in an open-plan area. There’s a huge range of colours available in timber flooring to suit any taste or décor.  Right now blonde and grey tones are very popular.

Traditional hardwood is durable and can be re-sanded, but engineered wood floors are increasing in popularity as a more affordable option.  They’re easy to install and resistant to shrinkage and warping that can happen to hardwood during temperature extremes.

But as with anything, you get what you pay for: if you opt for a cheap engineered floor, you may find it doesn’t stand up to the test in high traffic areas.  If price is a concern, you might like to have a look at timber-look vinyl panels.


If “vinyl flooring” makes you think of that patterned style on the floors at your Grandma’s house – think again! Vinyl has come a long way and it’s now a popular modern floor covering, especially with advancements in timber-look vinyl planks.  They retain that warm natural look of timber, with all the benefits of vinyl – durability, low-maintenance, water resistant, impact-resistant, sound-absorbing and warm.  They’re easy to install and cost-effective, making them a popular option when you want the same floor covering right throughout the house.


Carpet is arguably the most luxurious of flooring options, but it’s not usually practical right through the house: It shows wear in high-traffic areas and can be hard to keep clean, especially if you have pets.  It’s popular to confine carpet to areas where a more luxurious feel is needed: the bedrooms, and the lounge room.

You can mix and match carpet and hard floors within your home – just ensure the colour tones are similar, for a sense of continuity.