Week 7 & 8 of The Block – Our take on the room reveals

Welcome to weeks 7 & 8!!

Yes, I could have written an entire blog on kitchen week…but, no I really couldn’t. All of the kitchens were beautiful, modern and sophisticated and eerily similar. The same shades of grey, white and black were utilised over and over. The only stand outs were Josh and Elyse’s alternate island location and pantry. Both get two big thumbs up from me. OK, yes, the cook top depth was a mistake BUT that is why it is important for your builder to know what you want early on so we can make allowances for it. Caesarstone is a GREAT splashback material. If you want gas, let’s make the bench deeper and get the 200mm, look at different cook top models or add a fire resistant material behind the stone. Problem solved, if you choose it up front and not two minutes prior to installation. And I have to have a moment to discuss Ronny & Georgia’s downdraft ventilation. Folks, this isn’t new technology. It has been around for years. Miele has a phenomenal extractor that rises from the bench. HOWEVER, they are expensive, technical to install and take up an incredible amount of room where you can least afford it – under the bench. Don’t believe me? Look up the installation instructions for the Neff downdraft induction cook top but make sure that you have a cocktail in one hand and a mechanical engineer in the other.

Instead of discussing anything else in these kitchens, like Jason & Sarah’s ‘guaranteed to give a kid size human a concussion feature bench’, I may take a moment to identify some of the material and offer a few price conscience alternatives.

Josh & Elyse (see week 1 for our comments on joinery) – their liberal use of Caesarstone’s Noble Grey is lovely and sets off the (almost) Hampton’s style. If this Supernatural stone is out of your budget, have a look at London Grey & Frosty Carina. They are both in Supernatural Range but since they have been around for a while, Planbuild Homes gets them as part our Group 3 stone choice – which is surprisingly affordable.

Jason & Sarah turned to Caesarstone’s Statuario Maximus, which is gorgeous and pricey. Again, I would say, have a look at London Grey & Frosty Carina. If the Rugged Concrete bench is out of range – pull out Sleek Concrete. It is beautiful and budget friendly. You can use Polytec’s Matt Black and Titanium Matt Melamine. The metal won’t have the sheen, but the colour is pretty close.

The Hallways and Laundry…buzz kill all the way around. They were not finished (except Sticks and Wombat – way to go boys), rife with sacrificed space (Clint & Hannah) and one was oddly inspiring. Jason & Sarah had me at the skylights until you turned around to look at the true stars of the show – The Entry Doors. They were overlooked and absolutely beautiful. Not a fan of black laundries because dusting isn’t my idea of a good time.

WHY, OH WHY would you stick a toilet by a clear glass door and looking at the laundry tub?? For two people who claim to love entertaining, they get their guests liquored up (2 wine fridges) then tell them to pee in the laundry room, in front of the neighbours…nice…5 Michelin Stars for you. Yes, they have a full powder in the WC but seriously, what is that?

Next week is a softy for them while they gear up for the big rumble…the back garden…and something about a pool and a really big argument.

Visual styling board for this week