Our take on The Block reveal and judging – weeks 2 & 3

The Block Reveal and Judging – The Guest Room & Kids’ Room

Week 2 REALLY showed off the styling differences between each contestant.  I loved the rooms with ensuites and can we talk about the joinery doors??  These wardrobe doors are a beautiful way to finish a bedroom!  Expensive…but beautiful… 

One thing popped up and stayed with me during Week 3; changing the plan for the sake of changing the plan. Don’t do it. I hope that Hannah and Clint’s gamble to relocate the kids’ room pays off elsewhere but I don’t see that happening.  This room looks like a glorified store room. As builders, designers and architects, when we set up a floor plan, we spend a lot time working out each space so that this doesn’t happen.  Think hard before you change something for the sake of changing it. When a single bed looks like it’s too big – your room is in trouble.

Ronnie and Georgia – Blush is the new neutral!  It is warm and inviting without straying too close to calamine lotion pink! Mixed with greys and blacks, it is simply magnificent.  If you want to create something similar, check out Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm.  This group is the blush-master and I am pretty sure that Georgia spends some quality time with these guys!!  I was a little surprised at Ronnie & Georgia’s win without an ensuite, however, that room was sophisticated and glamorous. Their kid’s room was spectacular!

Wombat and Sticks – Their ensuite was chic and cool and OK, it didn’t resemble the bedroom at all but, who cares?  The Plus Statuario tiles from Beaumont are part of Planbuild’s Gold Range and let Lantern Mosaics inspire your feature.  The kids’ room climbing wall was really great and the wallpaper was really bad!! The pattern was lovely but yowsa, the installation was awful!  A little advise, get a good wallpaper man and never, ever, ever ask your builder to do it for you!! Trust me on this.

This group of Blockheads is on fire! I can’t wait for ‘anything but a bedroom’ but if that is code for ‘yet another lounge room’ then maybe I can!!