Narrow Lot & Splitter Block Experts

Narrow lot building can be a challenge if you don’t start with a purpose designed plan.

It is vitally important to ensure that every square inch of living space can be utilised to improve the functionality of the home.

Planbuild Homes offer a comprehensive range of purpose-designed narrow lot plans for both single and double storey homes.

Director of Planbuild Homes, Mr Robert Thomson said, “For most it’s a relatively new thing, but we cut our teeth on inner-city narrow lots formed from splitter blocks, so compared to most builders we are pretty sophisticated when it comes to design for this type of product”

“While most builders were only designing for the ¼ acre residential block, we were out there designing 2-storey homes for clients developing splitter blocks in the inner city.”

This experience has positioned Planbuild well to meet the needs of today’s new higher density developments, where the land offerings are very different to the traditional ¼ acre blocks Brisbane once knew.

“Our narrow lot plans are all purpose designed to suit their frontage. I don’t believe you can just adapt an existing traditional home plan and get anywhere near maximising the potential of a narrow lot.”

For a number of years, Planbuild has been designing 2-storey homes to suit 10 to 12.5 metre lots. Their designs such as ‘Regatta’, ‘Ascot’ and ‘Epernay’ are popular with modern families and particularly to buyers with large blocks with ‘splitter’ potential.

“Our experience with inner-city narrow lot projects has been invaluable for us in adapting to the higher density in newer developments. This experience is reflected in our designs, which are contemporary and versatile because they have been designed to suit the modern family. It gives us an edge over more traditional builders because we understand this type of lifestyle and design”, said Mr Thomson.

The collection of contemporary, 2-storey designs by Planbuild can be viewed in our Home Design section.