Lighting – The New Trends

Lighting is a major consideration in interior decorating.  Gone are the days of simply putting a bulb in the centre of a room and a switch on a wall.  Modern lighting is about really making a statement.

Pendant lights are right on trend at the moment. They combine feature and function, they’re bold, and they form a focal point in the room.  The choices are endless for pendants, and they’re a way to include some on-trend texture in your décor- they can comprise copper, beading, glass, paper… and more.

Pendants can be used as a central focal point, perfect for example in a dining room.  Or they can be used in series- above a kitchen island, or to add interest to a large hallway.

Rooms with high ceilings really benefit from pendant lights.  They’re ideal in a large two-storey foyer, to help fill the space, and bring a welcoming and warm feeling to the entryway of your home.

Pendants are also very popular right now above bedside tables, because they make it possible to keep the tabletop clear.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing pendant lighting-

  • Consider them carefully in your kitchen- with rangehoods and high cabinets you may find there’s too much going on up high. But if you’re building a long island bench, a series of pendants above it works well.
  • A big pendant isn’t ideal in a room with a low ceiling.
  • Be wary of pendants made from thick or heavy materials- the light needs to diffuse through the pendant to illuminate the room.

As for your bulbs- warm tones are always welcoming. A bright white or off-white tone will really brighten your décor.

If you’re after a style of lighting that’s more subtle yet still dramatic, you might consider wall washing.  It involves a row of evenly spaced spotlight-style fittings bathing a wall in light- it might make you think of the way museums illuminate art works.

Cove lighting has also made its way into modern homes.  The lighting is installed into recesses or ledges in a ceiling or high on a wall.  The light is very even and the effect is warm.

In kitchens a modern trend is to install lighting under the cabinets.  It not only illuminates what might otherwise be a dim area of the kitchen, but the overall effect is clean and modern, with fixtures out of sight.

Lastly, if you prefer a more traditional lighting style, downlights and dimmers are always popular, with a wide range of energy-saving bulbs.

Choosing the placement of your lighting fixtures is quite a precise process.  There’s some careful of planning involved in making sure your rooms are lit just the way you want them.  Our design experts will be able to make this process easy for you, contact us for more information.