How Staying At Home Can Be Just As Fun As Going On Holiday

By March 21, 2015Tips and Hints

Enjoying your home these next holidays – How staying at home can be just as fun as going on holiday!

Here are a few easy mood setting things you can do to make your stay at home feel different. Start by setting the tone for your holiday at home, treat this time as your special time.

– As a family team, tackle that “shelf to-do project”- Set it up as a fun time with the key objective to enjoy the time spent doing this project on your holiday at home. Guard yourself against allowing this to create stress it truly is a matter of attitude will determine the outcome.

– Get out those nice sheets and towels you reserve for guests out and use them.

– Use those fancy things you have probably collected for special times, like candles, your best china and cutlery, enjoy them for yourself and your family especially on this stay at home “holiday” allow yourself to take time off normal routine and just enjoy the moments.

– Relax your normal routine and allow yourself to have fun, do special things that are out of routine i.e. Take a morning off, if you can preferably a day off , try to stay in bed longer, relish the luxury of reading a book or watching a program you never have time for.

– Spend time with family, make it a special time, completely out of the ordinary, such as having a movie night out, or hiring home movies and making it a special treat time, with popcorn, chocolates, ice cream and normally “forbidden foods” as a special treat for the occasion, just as you would like to be doing were you away on holiday.

– Play games indoor or outdoor it is another wonderful family activity, as long as fun is the objective.

– If weather permits spend time outdoors, relax and just spend time enjoying the moment. Fresh air does wonders, try creating a special outdoor tea or meal, be extravagant and arrange the table as if you expecting special guests.

– Take the opportunity to go somewhere you haven’t been for a long time such as the park, local museums, driving around your area as if you were a tourist- stop off and visit that “new coffee shop” just use this time to treat yourself whatever your budget.

– Invite those friends who are loads of fun to join you for a dinner or barbeque.

Now we have inspired you with a few reason to stay home, I am sure you can think of a few more…