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We are up to stage 2 of our build project and boy do we have concrete!

E Class sites have deeper concrete slabs than M or H class sites that can require a step (or 2) from the garage and porch, into the house.

You are probably wondering what are all the different letter sites mean? Simply put, it is the site classifications (usually identified with soil testing done by a geotechnical engineer) that ensures the right type of slab is built for your home.

If you want a more technical explanation and according to Australian Standard -Residential Slabs and Footings – below is a list of these ratings showing what each of them represents:

Stage two is where reality sets in that you are actually building a home. In the weeks or months leading up to this point, you have probably visited the empty slab of dirt (numerous times) trying to picture what your new home might look like.

Once the concrete slab is down, you can start to see how it may take shape and get a true representation on the size of your home.

The next stage happens quickly so…stay tuned…