Gyprock and the Beginning of the Fun Stuff!!

So, at this stage the windows and doors are in, pre-wiring is done, the plumbing is roughed in and the gyprock goes up!! It’s a weird time for a home owner because it looks the house shrunk…before we accuse the builder of not being able to measure or that we threw the whole thing into a dryer, remember 2 things. 1. Your plan’s measurements are from stud to stud –yep, the house 20mm smaller than you think it is and 2. This shrinkage is an optical illusion. The house will grow again, I promise.

As you can see, we have some of the paint work on the exterior done; and this exterior is a real beauty. Now one of big installations happens…the joinery arrives. Well, parts of it, anyway. This is the first time that we can see the homeowners interior choices come to life. The joinery carcasses are installed first, then the stone mason measures for the stone tops. It is perfectly normal for doors and drawers to be missing and sometimes we even have to re-measure and re-cut something. The joinery goes in…the joinery comes out…the joinery goes in again…and so on and so forth.

This is a work in progress and the results are pretty spectacular.
Over the next few weeks, the stairs will be installed and once the joinery is set, tiling will begin. The boxes in the garage look a bit like Christmas morning and like any self respecting 10 year old, you want to open them NOW. We must have patience grasshopper, it all happens in due course.
Next time we will see the exterior finishes take shape and the plumbing fit off begins…stay tuned…