Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

By March 20, 2017Tips and Hints

How good is the start of spring! Cold winter days become a memory and we can look forward to more time in the outdoors and sunshine. It’s the perfect time to give your home a little TLC to help it shine through the spring time!

Let’s start outdoors:
• Fertilise lawns and gardens: a little feed now will give them a serious green boost in the weeks and months ahead.
• Pull weeds and plant some flowers for a burst of colour.
• Do a general yard tidy and clear out your gutters. Australia’s spring-summer season can deliver everything from bushfires to severe storms, so we might as well be prepared early. Consider getting your roof inspected too.
• There’s something therapeutic about pressure-washing your hard surfaces outdoors: wash away old gunk and see how much brighter they look! If you don’t have a pressure washer and you can’t borrow one, you could also pay a professional to do it for you.
• Paint: Look around to see if anything needs a touch-up, or maybe consider a fresh accent colour for the trims? It’s a relatively small paint job but it can really freshen up the look of your home.

Now inside:
• No surprises – the first tip is a spring clean. If you can’t bring yourself to tackle the whole job, at least do some serious dusting (don’t forget ceiling fans) and clean the windows, blinds and curtains.
• You could also get ruthless and do a de-clutter! Sort everything into three piles: throw away, donate, and sell (either online or by having a garage sale). Your home will feel so much brighter, neater and more organised if it’s clutter-free.
• Pack away your winter gear: box up those boots and seal your winter layers into vacuum-bags, never to be seen again! Well, not for a while anyway…
• Clean your air-conditioners: clean or change the filters and wipe the unit down. They can accumulate a fair bit of dust and gunk as they sit unused over winter.
• A few little décor changes can really brighten the home. For example, pack away wintery throw rugs from the lounge room and instead scatter some bright new cushions. Maybe a weekend painting project is in order? One feature wall goes a long way!

Lastly, enjoy! Whether you’d rather sit in the sunshine with a cuppa, or invite friends over and fire up the BBQ… simply enjoy waving goodbye to winter and soaking up these warm spring days.