Four Tips To Make Your Bedroom An Oasis

Stating the obvious here: life can get chaotic. Even coming home after a busy day isn’t always relaxing thanks to family demands. When the kitchen’s in disarray and the lounge room’s a mess… it’s important to have somewhere in your home that is your own private, peaceful sanctuary. Somewhere to leave all the outside stress behind and just relax, and feel comfortable. Here are some tips to help you turn your bedroom into an oasis.

Ensure lamps have warm lighting, and main bedroom lights should be on a dimmer for a soft effect. This is a no-fluorescent-light-zone!

Block-out curtains will help keep the room dim for those weekend sleep-ins, but make sure they can be pulled wide open to expose the windows, letting in natural light and fresh air too.

Link the indoors and outdoors
That feeling of “private oasis” steps up to the next level when the master bedroom has its own balcony or courtyard. A quaint two-person table setting outside will help to extend the relaxation zone, or some beautiful plants outside will accentuate the view.

Choose restful colours. Blue is a very popular colour for bedrooms because it is known for being calming. If you prefer a warm colour scheme, shades of brown are comforting. Crisp white can be soft and relaxing, or a soft grey is serene.

Make sure your furniture is not too big for the room – you don’t want to be squeezing to get around. A large mirror can be used to make the room feel bigger.

If you do have plenty of room, set up a cosy chair in one corner with a side table and lamp for a comfortable spot to curl up with a good book.

Plush carpet adds to the feeling of cosy comfort, and also helps to dull noise.

Personal Touches
Clear away the clutter – smooth clean surfaces are soothing and calming to look at. Consider a bookshelf or storage box to make sure everything has a place and is tidy. Put away dust-gathering trinkets – you could save just one or two that you treasure to display, and change them up every few months.

Ultimately, the best way to make your room feel serene and calming is to decorate it with things that you love. Ban the kids and their toys from the room, leave electronics outside, and prioritise it as a relaxation zone. In this day and age, a place to relax and unwind isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity that you deserve.