Ducted Air Conditioning: A Cautionary Tale

By March 20, 2017Tips and Hints

Once upon a time, in a suburb of Brisbane, lived a nice family, in a nice house with a nice ducted air conditioning system.  The system had a nice little keypad.  It was…. Nice. A 4 zone system that meant the air-con had to be on in the kitchen, and the family room and the room that Grandma occupied on her once-a-year visits… even if the entire family wanted to sit in the lounge room and watch a movie.

The adorable little keypad had a tiny little symbol that indicated whether the system was on heat or cool or dry.  It was so cute and so small that changing the setting in the middle of the night required full overhead lighting and a magnifying glass to see it.  But… it was nice.  By the time the system was finally set, one member of the family was too cold, the others were too hot, Mum had a headache and Dad was fed up with the entire thing. When they left for a holiday to escape the madness, no one could remember if they’d turned the air off, so they had to either go home or face a huge electricity bill.

Then, one day, Mum and Dad decided to build a new house.  They knew they wanted ducted air but they wanted something more, something better.  It was at that point that their friendly Planbuild Sales Consultant introduced them to My Air® by Advantage Air and they realised that ducted air conditioning could be better than nice; it could be freakin’ awesome!

It can have 10 separate zones with individual air regulators to control air flow and temperature.  It comes with a wall mounted tablet that not only controls the My Air® system, but has full wi-fi internet access and links to the other systems in the house, like Sonos®, email or Mum’s favourite online recipes.  And best of all… it has an app for the smart phone!  So now the family can head for the beach knowing for certain that they’ve turned off their air conditioning system.  Mum and Dad danced with joy, picked the perfect home design and finished off their selections with the My Air® system.

And everyone lived happily, cool and comfortably, ever after. The End.