Breakthrough In New Home Affordability

By March 21, 2015Building Industry

The average household size in south east Queensland may be getting smaller, but demand for the traditional four bedroom, double garage family home is as strong as ever.

In response to buyer demand, Planbuild Homes have purpose designed a four bedroom home with double garage to suit Stockland’s Premium Villa 25 allotments.

Robert Thomson from Planbuild Homes said, “Much of the housing being built on these allotments is three bedroom with single garage. I was frustrated that we couldn’t give our clients the home they wanted on the land within their budget”.

“So I threw the challenge out there to our designers and construction managers. Our task was to design and build a four bedroom, two bathroom home with double garage that could be packaged on Stockland’s PV25 allotments for under $370,000 for a completed home”.

Planbuild recently completed the first demonstration model of the Toorak 1850. The home is a triumph for housing affordability, and provides a real alternative to townhouse or Unit living at a price so affordable it virtually prices the latter out of the market.

“It’s easy just to scale down or chop things out to make a home fit a smaller block. But I was determined to demonstrate that, with good design and cost efficient building practices, affordable housing can be improved upon.”
“By using land and materials more efficiently, and building in flexibility so the home can adapt to the changing needs of households over time. Thoughtful design features can add value beyond the material cost, as well as enhance liveability”.

An innovative design feature of the Toorak 1850 is that the 4th bedroom can be used as a ‘multi-purpose’ room. The new display demonstrates the ‘multi-purpose’ room option with a large door that slides away, effectively minimising the wall to open up the space and extend the living areas.

The 4th bedroom can be used as a TV, lounge or games room, and by incorporating a sofa lounge you have an ideal guest room with the door sliding closed for privacy. The large slider can simply be replaced with a closing door should there be a need for it to remain a dedicated 4th bedroom.

“The reality is that most buyers want the 4th bedroom simply for the extra space, but it generally ends up being the least desirable room in the house, which is a waste when living space is at a premium. That’s why I think the option of the “multi-purpose” room is genius. Simple, but genius”.