The Stairs Have Arrived – Project Update

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By now the stairs have been installed, the floor tiles are in and the finish work has begun. The kitchen has bench tops, the wall tiles are almost complete and the doors are being installed. The exterior finishes have begun as well. We have feature cladding on the alfresco ceilings and a gorgeous pool house. The front façade has been painted and the garage door has been installed. We used a twin wall garage door from Gliderol. Read More

Planbuild in the Media

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Planbuild’s HIA Award winning home was recently covered by Abode TV’s “Best Houses Australia”. Our very own award winning designer and project manager (and Director) Rob Thomson showed off the house and gave viewers an in depth tour and a look into why Planbuild won the National Project Home of the Year for 2015.

Gyprock and the Beginning of the Fun Stuff!!

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So, at this stage the windows and doors are in, pre-wiring is done, the plumbing is roughed in and the gyprock goes up!! It’s a weird time for a home owner because it looks the house shrunk…before we accuse the builder of not being able to measure or that we threw the whole thing into a dryer, remember 2 things. 1. Your plan’s measurements are from stud to stud –yep, the house 20mm smaller than you think it is and 2. This shrinkage is an optical illusion. The house will grow again, I promise. Read More

Week 7 & 8 of The Block – Our take on the room reveals

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Welcome to weeks 7 & 8!!

Yes, I could have written an entire blog on kitchen week…but, no I really couldn’t. All of the kitchens were beautiful, modern and sophisticated and eerily similar. The same shades of grey, white and black were utilised over and over. The only stand outs were Josh and Elyse’s alternate island location and pantry. Both get two big thumbs up from me. OK, yes, the cook top depth was a mistake BUT that is why it is important for your builder to know what you want early on so we can make allowances for it. Read More

Week 6 – The Block Reveal Home Truths

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Welcome to week 6

Let me start by saying that I sat there slack jawed and appalled by Sarah and Jason’s lack of contrition.  Jason, the truth can be offensive – get over it!!  Let me also say that editing is a devious and nasty thing and can make anyone look the way the producers want them to look. But let’s face it, they failed, gave up and quit.  Jason was so devastated at the possibility of his children’s travel plans to the UK that he was forced to juggle fruit.  Now, don’t stone me to death for that but seriously, if they had put their foot down and said, my kids will NOT travel to the UK at this time so either one of us leaves and we get a replacement or we both go; I guarantee that it would have been something  the collective we could rally behind.  Read More

The Arrival of the Death Star (AKA Scaffolding)

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**A Little Disclaimer** As we move forward with this series, you will see a new stage every week.  However, these stages can take a lot longer than a week to finish, this is not The Block.

Well, scaffolding is a necessary thing.  This will stay up until the upper floor cladding and painting is complete.  Once it comes down you will really get a sense of what this façade is all about.  Read More

The Roof is On – Project Update

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**A Little Disclaimer** As we move forward with this series, you will see a new stage every week.  However, these stages can take a lot longer than a week to finish, this is not The Block.

The roof is on, the windows are going in and it finally looks a like a house not a giant game of pick up sticks!!  This home’s roof is the brand new Matt Series from Colorbond. Read More

Anything But a Bedroom

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Week 4 & 5 Reveal and Judging – The Anything But a Bedroom & Living & Dining Rooms

Week Three’s ‘Anything But a Bedroom’ episode was, well, predictable. The Blockheads and The Judges all seemed to crawl back into the ‘every house needs a formal living room’ cave.  These rooms are TINY and frankly, I preferred the concept (not the execution) of the home offices…even Wombats & Sticks closet, I mean office.  Let me ask all of you out there, how often do we USE a room like this?  Are we really going to make a point of going into this itty bitty room and stare lovingly at each other over a glass of single malt….NO, we are not.  Why….because we have kids and pets and work and more stuff with kids like soccer practice and ballet lessons. So, where do we all end up?  You guessed it; the kitchen/living/dining room.  Read More

The Frame is Up!!!

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Project Build Update – The frame is up!!

Now this home’s form is really taking shape.  As you can see, it is a two storey, contemporary structure.  The structural steel posts at the front and rear are a great way to make a required element both practical and beautiful.  Read More


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We are up to stage 2 of our build project and boy do we have concrete!

E Class sites have deeper concrete slabs than M or H class sites that can require a step (or 2) from the garage and porch, into the house.

You are probably wondering what are all the different letter sites mean? Simply put, it is the site classifications (usually identified with soil testing done by a geotechnical engineer) that ensures the right type of slab is built for your home. Read More

The Block is Back for 2017

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Well, construction and design fans, The Block is back. As builders, we would like throw our 2 cents worth into the mix. Now, one general comment that applies to every episode of this show…please don’t think that these timelines are remotely realistic for real life construction. Read More

Planbuild launch a new Project Build Home – Follow the journey!

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Building a new home can be fun and exciting, when you know what to expect.

This is why, with a new project underway, we thought it would be great to not only document the journey, but to share it with you.

We will be following the progress of this modified Epernay design from start to finish.  We hope to paint a picture of what it is like to build a home with Planbuild and to show you all the different stages. Read More

Making The Most Of Your Kitchen

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Kitchens are the hub of the home, the place where birthdays are celebrated, family gathers for Christmas and afternoon teas are had. They need to be not only beautiful but practical as well, as they have loads to do in our everyday lives. Some of us are very fortunate to be able to design and build our very own kitchens, fitting them out with all the bells and whistles, others are inherited and prove to be a challenge in making them practical functioning zones for the family. Either built or inherited here are some practical tips for “styling” within your kitchens that all of us could introduce at any given time!
Read More

Single vs Double Storey Homes: The Pros and Cons

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Some people just love a single-storey home and wouldn’t live any other way.  Others are happy in a two-storey home and think nothing of the stairs.  It really does come down to personal preference.  But there are a few other things to consider when choosing between high-set or low-set, including location, and your family stage and future plans.  Both sides have their pros and cons, so here are a few points to help you decide between building a single storey or double storey home. Read More

Property by the water

Buying Property Near Water? Here Are Some Considerations

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Having a gorgeous view of the ocean or river can be the perfect recipe for your own dream home.

Australia has over 47,000 km of coastline, with our stunning beaches forming a core part of our culture and national identity. However, building a home on the water must be done with careful consultation and research – here are some considerations: Read More

Choosing a colour palette

Selecting The Right Colour Palette For Your Home

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Without consciously knowing why, some homes simply resonate with us more than others. Building a new home,  you naturally want to reproduce this visually appealing experience, but that can be a challenging thing to nail down.

Your home’s colour palette will go a long way to helping you create that inviting ambience. Knowing how to create colour flow is the secret to achieving a harmonious atmosphere throughout your home. Read More

Tips For Buying Land

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Searching for a premium block of land can sometimes be a very tiresome and difficult task. No sooner do they become available – the get snapped up and the ideal blocks are always on high demand. So, if you’re looking for a block of land to build your dream home, read up on some of our latest tips to help you seek out the best value! Read More

Butler's pantry

Why You Need A Butler’s Pantry In Your New Home

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One of the great things about modern home designs is the kitchen.  Gone are the days of small poky kitchens at the back of the house- these days they’re spacious, open, and central.  They’re efficient to work in, and they’re stylish to look at.  In many cases they’re the “star” of the home.  And so they should be, given the amount of time we spend in them every day. Read More

Bathroom trends

The Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

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Modern bathrooms are designed to feel like a sanctuary. They’re sleek with clean lines for a calm feel. Space is a key factor – a spacious bathroom feels like the height of luxury. But any size bathroom can feel big with the help of a few design tricks. With that in mind, here are a few of the latest trends in bathroom design. Read More

Colour trends

This Years Colour Palette: What’s On Trend

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When it comes to interior decorating, this year it’s all about creating a sanctuary.  And it makes perfect sense: Our lives are increasingly busy, chaotic and technology-heavy, so when we come home we want to escape from it all, switch off and just relax in comfort in our own space.  Colour trends this year definitely follow that theme.  Here are the four colour palettes that are on trend this year, and the message that goes with them is to customise:  make your home suit you. Read More

Display homes

Tips For Visiting Display Homes

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Visiting display homes is an exciting step for anyone planning to build their own home.  It’s a chance to be inspired, get hands-on and really get a sense of what your dream home will one day look like. But to make sure you get it just right, you need to invest some time in it.  Here are five tips to get the best out of your display home visit. Read More

Our Latest Promotion For Home Builders

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With thousands of dollars in bonuses, Planbuild’s Inclusions Packages just became unbeatable value for money.

When you’re down to the pointy end of planning your new home, it’s time to consider inclusions. This is definitely the fun part- choosing colours, accessories and finishes- really visualising your home coming together. But there’s also a lot to consider. With some builders, you might find the sorts of features you have your heart set on come with a hefty price tag, and could blow out your budget. Read More

Colorbond vs Concrete Tile Roofs – The Pros and Cons

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The two most popular roofing choices in Australia are concrete tiles and Colorbond, or CB roofs.  Concrete tiles have been used here for about 75 years.  While Colorbond is a newer option, it’s just as popular.

When it comes to aesthetic, it’s really a case of personal preference.  Both Colorbond and concrete tiles are available in a range of colours, and with traditional or modern looks.  But there are a few other things to consider when making your choice.  Here we break down the pros and cons of each option. Read More

Feng Shui For The Home – What You Need To Know

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What is Feng Shui?
This ancient Chinese practice is based on the theory that the way we place things in a space affects the “flow” or “energy” in the space, and therefore the people in it. Good Feng Shui brings good energy or fortune. At the very least it can help your home feel comfortable and welcoming. Why not give it a go? Here are some tips on how to bring good Feng Shui to your home and life. Read More

Four Tips To Make Your Bedroom An Oasis

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Stating the obvious here: life can get chaotic. Even coming home after a busy day isn’t always relaxing thanks to family demands. When the kitchen’s in disarray and the lounge room’s a mess… it’s important to have somewhere in your home that is your own private, peaceful sanctuary. Somewhere to leave all the outside stress behind and just relax, and feel comfortable. Here are some tips to help you turn your bedroom into an oasis. Read More

Ducted Air Conditioning: A Cautionary Tale

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Once upon a time, in a suburb of Brisbane, lived a nice family, in a nice house with a nice ducted air conditioning system.  The system had a nice little keypad.  It was…. Nice. A 4 zone system that meant the air-con had to be on in the kitchen, and the family room and the room that Grandma occupied on her once-a-year visits… even if the entire family wanted to sit in the lounge room and watch a movie. Read More

Making The Most Of Your Home Interior

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No doubt we all have made interior decorating mistakes that have been both disappointing and costly.

What most of us don’t understand is that it takes a very keen and knowledgeable eye. We may be out shopping and see something we love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look perfect in our home.  Interior designers understand how color, lighting, room size, scale, and placement all affect how items look in a room, and dictates whether they will make or break a room design. Read More

The Truth About Display Homes

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If you’re considering building, renovating, or are just interested in property, Display Home villages are perhaps one of the most fun and exciting ways to spend your weekend; Row after row of gleaming, spectacular homes greet you as you pull into the perfectly kept roads, gardens and surrounds. Stepping into these lavishly appointed and perfectly finished and decorated homes leaves you with a sense of wonder and excitement. Quite often you’re left with an urgent feeling of “I NEED this! This is the one!!” Read More

Meet Our Specialist Builder Julien

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Planbuild are pleased to introduce you to our Small lot specialist Julien Brule; he is one of the most accomplished and sought after small lot home Specialists with extensive experience in inner city builds, knock-down rebuild and development sites.

Proud winner of HIA Australian Home of the year 2015 (Aust), HIA Project Home of the year winner 2014 (BNE), and HIA Home of the year finalist 2014 (BNE) Read More

Customer Insight Guides New Range

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They are the self-described ‘quiet achievers’ of south east Queensland’s dynamic home building industry. Planbuild Homes Managing Partners Robert Thomson and Andrew Dean joined forces in 2003, launching from their HQ in Kedron where they still reside today. The company prides itself on maintaining its’ professionalism, reliability, and sound reputation as one of the most trusted names in the industry. Read More

Mythbusters: Is Buying Cheaper Than Building?

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To build or not to build… that is the question – at least the question that rages through many peoples’ minds when faced with the decision to build or buy. Most often, factors like cost, timing, suitability and convenience are the ultimate decision makers – but so often, people are left questioning their choice. We’ve briefly outlined some of the pro’s and con’s for each below – we leave it up to you to make the choice that is best for you and your circumstances. Read More

Your Land: The Truth About Soil

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The type of soil you lay your foundations on can have repercussions for your house long after it has been built. Some soils have a greater potential to change volume than others, and this amount of potential needs to be measured with a soil test to make sure your house’s footings are designed in a way that helps protect it from soil movement that might otherwise cause it to sink or buckle. Read More

Your Land: A Buyers Guide

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Buying land, location, and services are important considerations for your lifestyle and resale value. The temptation to compromise should be weighed against future needs, such as schools, shopping centers, parks, medical services, public transport. If these services are not presently available, find out if there are plans drawn up and how long it will take. Other important considerations are the time it will take to travel to and from work and the road infrastructure. Read More