The Block is Back for 2017

Well, construction and design fans, The Block is back. As builders, we would like throw our 2 cents worth into the mix. Now, one general comment that applies to every episode of this show…please don’t think that these timelines are remotely realistic for real life construction.

Week 1 Reveal and Judging – The Main Bath
Bathroom week really tested the Blockheads and I have to admit, all of the bathrooms were pretty darn good! I wouldn’t look too closely at the finishes mind you, but the selections and the designs were spot on. Shaynna Blaze went on and on (and on and on) about “face” storage. I am all for it. Mirrored shaving cabinets are a fantastic idea but if your heart is set on an oversized mirror, don’t panic, your interior designer will have an answer. I love the use of coloured metal – brushed gold, nickel and copper.

Elyse and Josh – What a bath!! When their big, round bath is EMPTY it weighs in at 255kg and 1 tonne when it’s full. Being the pragmatic creature that I am, I have to ask one question…does the bath come with a heater (not to mention a 20,000 water tank) because the water will cool rapidly as you fill it. Does it look killer, yep; should you run out and price one, nope. The tiles on the other hand were a fabulous concrete style from Beaumont. Beaumont’s Maxis Warm Grey Tile in 450 x 900 would fit the bill quite nicely. The monochromatic layout makes the room feel urban and expensive. Caroma’s Artisan Round above counter basin would play nicely against the penny round feature tiles. Caroma’s Titan series is stainless steel or you can REALLY splash out with Gessi’s Brushed Nickel to finish this off this beautiful main bathroom.

Wombat and Sticks – These two wild and crazy boys used large scale stone inspired tiles, over mirror lighting, recessed mirrored shaving cabinets and an amazing bonsai mosaic feature wall in the shower. The ceilings and the skylights are really amazing. These guys also used a stone inspired, monochromatic tile scheme. Alpine Charcoal in 600mm x 1200mm which is available in our Platinum Range would fit the bill. The hand made elements are FABULOUS and frankly, mixing the traditional mixers etc really worked, however, they could have used one less metal colour (the drawer pulls could have been nickel).

Ronnie & Georgia – I was surprised that Shaynna bagged Ronnie & Georgia for the single basin when the winning room had the same issue (and the second best) and a $1500 portable speaker in a bathroom is dumb BUT I cannot believe that Darren went on about it. I love the speaker, since Bang & Olufsen make art pieces not just speakers, BUT (and it is a big but) putting a $1500 speaker on the floor is just plain silly. The bench is too small for it to go there either. A built in speaker would be better in a bath of this size. The floor tiles were glorious!!! Beaumont’s Artisan Milan tiles are truly beautiful. Keep the rest of the room simple & elegant by using a 300mm x 600mm rectified satin white wall tile, Caroma’s Noir Bath and Epic Bloc’s Black and Gold Mixers, for a more contemporary finish.

The other rooms were good but not noteworthy and I cannot kick someone when their down. Hannah and Clint’s room should have been disqualified not lambasted. Yes, the WC/Powder was weak but that was the stress of not finishing. It is good lesson, however, in the dangers of using mosaics as your main wall tiles. It is expensive and time consuming and using two in one room is really nuts.

So far, The Block is off to a cracking start! Can’t wait to see what they do next.