The Stairs Have Arrived – Project Update

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By now the stairs have been installed, the floor tiles are in and the finish work has begun. The kitchen has bench tops, the wall tiles are almost complete and the doors are being installed. The exterior finishes have begun as well. We have feature cladding on the alfresco ceilings and a gorgeous pool house. The front façade has been painted and the garage door has been installed. We used a twin wall garage door from Gliderol. Read More

Gyprock and the Beginning of the Fun Stuff!!

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So, at this stage the windows and doors are in, pre-wiring is done, the plumbing is roughed in and the gyprock goes up!! It’s a weird time for a home owner because it looks the house shrunk…before we accuse the builder of not being able to measure or that we threw the whole thing into a dryer, remember 2 things. 1. Your plan’s measurements are from stud to stud –yep, the house 20mm smaller than you think it is and 2. This shrinkage is an optical illusion. The house will grow again, I promise. Read More

Week 7 & 8 of The Block – Our take on the room reveals

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Welcome to weeks 7 & 8!!

Yes, I could have written an entire blog on kitchen week…but, no I really couldn’t. All of the kitchens were beautiful, modern and sophisticated and eerily similar. The same shades of grey, white and black were utilised over and over. The only stand outs were Josh and Elyse’s alternate island location and pantry. Both get two big thumbs up from me. OK, yes, the cook top depth was a mistake BUT that is why it is important for your builder to know what you want early on so we can make allowances for it. Read More

Week 6 – The Block Reveal Home Truths

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Welcome to week 6

Let me start by saying that I sat there slack jawed and appalled by Sarah and Jason’s lack of contrition.  Jason, the truth can be offensive – get over it!!  Let me also say that editing is a devious and nasty thing and can make anyone look the way the producers want them to look. But let’s face it, they failed, gave up and quit.  Jason was so devastated at the possibility of his children’s travel plans to the UK that he was forced to juggle fruit.  Now, don’t stone me to death for that but seriously, if they had put their foot down and said, my kids will NOT travel to the UK at this time so either one of us leaves and we get a replacement or we both go; I guarantee that it would have been something  the collective we could rally behind.  Read More

The Arrival of the Death Star (AKA Scaffolding)

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**A Little Disclaimer** As we move forward with this series, you will see a new stage every week.  However, these stages can take a lot longer than a week to finish, this is not The Block.

Well, scaffolding is a necessary thing.  This will stay up until the upper floor cladding and painting is complete.  Once it comes down you will really get a sense of what this façade is all about.  Read More

The Roof is On – Project Update

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**A Little Disclaimer** As we move forward with this series, you will see a new stage every week.  However, these stages can take a lot longer than a week to finish, this is not The Block.

The roof is on, the windows are going in and it finally looks a like a house not a giant game of pick up sticks!!  This home’s roof is the brand new Matt Series from Colorbond. Read More

Anything But a Bedroom

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Week 4 & 5 Reveal and Judging – The Anything But a Bedroom & Living & Dining Rooms

Week Three’s ‘Anything But a Bedroom’ episode was, well, predictable. The Blockheads and The Judges all seemed to crawl back into the ‘every house needs a formal living room’ cave.  These rooms are TINY and frankly, I preferred the concept (not the execution) of the home offices…even Wombats & Sticks closet, I mean office.  Let me ask all of you out there, how often do we USE a room like this?  Are we really going to make a point of going into this itty bitty room and stare lovingly at each other over a glass of single malt….NO, we are not.  Why….because we have kids and pets and work and more stuff with kids like soccer practice and ballet lessons. So, where do we all end up?  You guessed it; the kitchen/living/dining room.  Read More

The Frame is Up!!!

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Project Build Update – The frame is up!!

Now this home’s form is really taking shape.  As you can see, it is a two storey, contemporary structure.  The structural steel posts at the front and rear are a great way to make a required element both practical and beautiful.  Read More


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We are up to stage 2 of our build project and boy do we have concrete!

E Class sites have deeper concrete slabs than M or H class sites that can require a step (or 2) from the garage and porch, into the house.

You are probably wondering what are all the different letter sites mean? Simply put, it is the site classifications (usually identified with soil testing done by a geotechnical engineer) that ensures the right type of slab is built for your home. Read More

The Block is Back for 2017

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Well, construction and design fans, The Block is back. As builders, we would like throw our 2 cents worth into the mix. Now, one general comment that applies to every episode of this show…please don’t think that these timelines are remotely realistic for real life construction. Read More

Planbuild launch a new Project Build Home – Follow the journey!

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Building a new home can be fun and exciting, when you know what to expect.

This is why, with a new project underway, we thought it would be great to not only document the journey, but to share it with you.

We will be following the progress of this modified Epernay design from start to finish.  We hope to paint a picture of what it is like to build a home with Planbuild and to show you all the different stages. Read More