The Arrival of the Death Star (AKA Scaffolding)

By September 11, 2017Building Industry, Home Designs

**A Little Disclaimer** As we move forward with this series, you will see a new stage every week.  However, these stages can take a lot longer than a week to finish, this is not The Block.

Well, scaffolding is a necessary thing.  This will stay up until the upper floor cladding and painting is complete.  Once it comes down you will really get a sense of what this façade is all about. 

Scaffolding and Cladding

The majority of the work this time around is getting past ‘lock-up stage’, finishing all external areas & starting the ‘fit out stage’. Now we are laying bricks, installing cladding and finishing any upper floor paintwork as well as the feature ceiling on the 2 storey porch.

Meanwhile, before we start sheeting the internal walls, we run all of the electrical and plumbing rough-ins.  Once this is done and the gyprock goes up, it is time and cost prohibitive to make changes.  This is why it is vitally important that you review and sign your construction issue plans prior to site start.  As you can see once they go…they go full steam ahead.


Read your plans and ask as many questions as you want, especially at Tender stage.  This is when we can make any final changes to the plans.