Week 4 & 5 Reveal and Judging – The Anything But a Bedroom & Living & Dining Rooms

Week Three’s ‘Anything But a Bedroom’ episode was, well, predictable. The Blockheads and The Judges all seemed to crawl back into the ‘every house needs a formal living room’ cave.  These rooms are TINY and frankly, I preferred the concept (not the execution) of the home offices…even Wombats & Sticks closet, I mean office.  Let me ask all of you out there, how often do we USE a room like this?  Are we really going to make a point of going into this itty bitty room and stare lovingly at each other over a glass of single malt….NO, we are not.  Why….because we have kids and pets and work and more stuff with kids like soccer practice and ballet lessons. So, where do we all end up?  You guessed it; the kitchen/living/dining room. 

That is the basic principle of open plan living, which the architect has executed beautifully in Week 5’s reveal. And we must also remember that the original houses were the size of postage stamps (the largest is house 3, rolling in at 101m2).  Why Hannah and Clint refuse to look at the architectural big picture is beyond me. Oh, and one more thing…as for this ‘copying charge’…give me a break!!  We haven’t come up with anything new since Mid Century Modern hit the scenes from 1930’s through the 1960’s. After that, it was all down hill in the 70’s, 80’s and OH GOD lets not recycle the 1990 ducks, mint & mauve motif.  Everything we do is recycled from something else, that doesn’t make it cheating.

Hannah & Clint’s ‘Anything but a Bedroom’ is beautiful.  Can’t fault the styling but the TV wasn’t positioned to compliment the seating (unless 1 person commandeers the entire sofa by lying down). The wainscoting and shadowbox moulding was lovely, although looking at the cornice and skirting boards – it could have been even stronger.

Josh & Elyse’s Home Office has some of the most beautiful joinery that I have seen in a long time.  You could create this look using Polytec’s Ravine and Woodmatt Range, if real timber is way out of the budget. I loved the daybed….but….it looked shoved in, again.

In fact, all of these rooms looked a bit like they stuffed a size 12 girl (that’s me) into a size 10 dress (it’s just a bit too tight and movement will cause a malfunction).

And then we moved on to the living and dining rooms in week 5….Josh and Elyse had me at the concrete shelf!!  That was fantastic and you could create something similar using Caesarstone’s rugged concrete.  Loved the subtly of the storage and the beautiful tray ceiling. Ronnie and Georgia’s room was lovely but once I got a way from the gorgeous piece of art, I was immediately bored. That’s whole lot of bone, beige, eggshell and ecru for one space. The judges went on about the art and the table because everything else was…vanilla ice cream.  Jason & Sarah’s fireplace ROCKS and IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!  Seriously, how does a room win with a non-functioning fireplace???  Let’s remember how supercilious the judges were about Ronnie & Georgia’s non-working fireplace (not that they had this one working either). And WHY oh WHY, if you put a big wall with a fireplace in between and open concept room, would you not light the thing?  For crying out loud people, it was the highlight of almost every room and only one was lit. Except of course Wombat & Sticks – they used their firewood to build a feature wall…..

So, here comes the Master Suite.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with but I cannot help being REALLY concerned about some of their budgets.  The big ticket kitchen is yet to come and yowsa, I am starting to worry.