Week 6 – The Block Reveal Home Truths

Welcome to week 6

Let me start by saying that I sat there slack jawed and appalled by Sarah and Jason’s lack of contrition.  Jason, the truth can be offensive – get over it!!  Let me also say that editing is a devious and nasty thing and can make anyone look the way the producers want them to look. But let’s face it, they failed, gave up and quit.  Jason was so devastated at the possibility of his children’s travel plans to the UK that he was forced to juggle fruit.  Now, don’t stone me to death for that but seriously, if they had put their foot down and said, my kids will NOT travel to the UK at this time so either one of us leaves and we get a replacement or we both go; I guarantee that it would have been something  the collective we could rally behind.  Sending your children overseas without you is tough, especially after the terrible attacks on London and Manchester, no question about it, but that was not why they bailed on the week.  This was about the budget.  And that leads me to the most important part of any building project, whether it is new build or renovation; the budget is your overlord!!  Buying a $3600 painting in the 48 hour challenge and hiring out plumbers (when you can do it yourself) is just plain dumb.  It is not just poor planning, it is arrogant foolishness.  The assumption is that they will get money from wins and other sources…well, sometimes ‘you have to dance with one that brought you’!!  Assume that the budget isn’t going to get bigger…ever!!!

So, now they have to get a master bedroom, wardrobe and ensuite finished in the middle of kitchen week!!!  That’s going to be like putting socks on a rooster!  It will be entertaining but futile…unless they can con the other Blockheads into donating time and funds (that they don’t have) to their cause. Good Luck with that – you have accused the one team with any extra money of cheating!

On to the reveals:

Josh and Elyse – I have only 1 criticism of this room…WHERE IS THE DOOR????  Doors are our friends, our closest ally against hordes of little humans, aging parents and sometimes each other! How could you?  Oh the humanity!!!  OK, I am over that.  The colour scheme was relaxed yet sumptuous.  The herringbone laid tiles were simply stunning and the tap ware colour was just divine!! The block out curtains (puddled on the floor), yes please!! Love the all of the linen and the wall sconces; best of all – all of it is available at West Elm! Every woman out there has that one pair of shoes that are so beautiful but so uncomfortable that they will never again leave the confines of the wardrobe (nor can we bring ourselves to part with them) and in this robe, they will be honoured! You could easily recreate this ensuite using Beaumont’s Maxis Warm Grey floor tiles and Craquel Sky Gloss or Devonshire Sky Gloss feature tiles. If the dreaded “budget” becomes a problem, use a simple 300 x 600 white wall tile to the other walls and stop the tiles the way J & E did at 1200mm high.  It looks great and saves money and if the tap ware is out of reach; use matt black like Caroma Urbane to finish off the look.  Let’s not forget Caroma’s Artisan basins…great look for a great price!!

Ronnie & Georgia – Beautiful room…not so sure about the hallway but at least they had a door!! Again West Elms’s dusty blush was front and centre…and now I want it too. I love the robe re-design. It is clever and a great use of space. That’s a lot of open shelves to dust….are a few drawers asking too much? The bathroom is ‘nice’, beautifully executed and it certainly fits the space. Beaumont’s Arkitek Grey and Caroma’s Liano Nexus Black taps would fit the bill quite nicely. But maybe I am a tad bored with this look. I think that the first bathroom in the old section of the house was better…hmmm…what do you think?

An honourable mention and a bub on the way! Wombat – you ROCK!!!  Seriously, the bathroom and wardrobe kicked it! I love the timber mixed with black and white.  The ceiling height in the shower with the rain heads on a beam – is rock star worthy!!  Oh, the towel rail…come to Mama!!  Sticks hurry up and have this kid before poor Wombat is reduced to being road kill.  That is one tired critter.

Kitchen Week…my favourite place in any home, and I cannot wait see what this group comes up with but I hope that they remember one vital element – YOU COOK IN IT!!  It’s not a nightclub or the Space Shuttle; it is the heart of these homes.  Please do them proud and Sarah and Jason – just DO something!!