Selecting the right colour palette for your home

Planbuild colour paletteWithout consciously knowing why, some homes simply resonate with us more than others. Building a new home,  you naturally want to reproduce this visually appealing experience, but that can be a challenging thing to nail down.

Your home’s colour palette will go a long way to helping you create that inviting ambience. Knowing how to create colour flow is the secret to achieving a harmonious atmosphere throughout your home.

There is more than simply thinking of the colour of your walls. To create a harmonious look you need to consider every part of the room, such as the furniture, material choices, artwork, fixtures and appliances. These handy tips should help you when creating a beautiful colour palette:

  • Deciding on a cohesive palette throughout your home is always a good idea, however that doesn’t mean that every room has to look the same. Depending on how you use the space, your colour choices may vary quite significantly.
  • Start with a central area such as the living room or kitchen, and select a few key colours that the rest of your new home can complement or contrast. Neutral tones are always a safe bet, although bolder hues can be used to create amazing effects.
  • Create colour flow – that is, use lighter and darker shades of the same colour throughout your home. Consider how you’d like to see these colours transition from room to room. If you’re adding colour to a space that connects to others, think about the adjoining rooms as well, i.e. if the living room opens into the dining room, pick a living-room shade that will complement the dining-room walls.
  • Hang large paper wall-colour swatches, (available at paint stores), right up against the trim, and paint a small length of trim so you can view the shades together. Or paint canvas squares from a craft store, then hang them up to see the effect. Keep competing palettes on different sides of the room, and observe all your options at various times of day.
  • Think of how you can reflect your surroundings, such as a feature indoor-outdoor flow that takes advantage of the surroundings in which they’re set. Selecting a colour palette that draws inspiration from the environment, such as location, using the surroundings,  such as outdoor feature decorations, can help bring that harmonious flow into your home.
  • Finally, to ensure your home reflects your unique personality, it is always a good idea to first consult with professionals. Your builder can give you valuable advice on current trends, and will be able to link you up with their expert interior decorators who could help you create the best colour palette for your new home. Please contact us for more information.






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