Two Storey

Narrow Lot Designs

When you have a family, often an ‘upstairs-downstairs’ living arrangement is the secret to domestic bliss. More space, more privacy, contained noise and maybe even multiple living areas can make all the difference to quality of life.

A lot of customers ask our New Build Consultants: “But what if I’m building on a narrow block?” Not a problem, we say without missing a beat. If you can’t go wider or longer, you can always move up in the world with another floor! You could say we love a vertical challenge. Our small block and narrow lot home designs rank among the best in the business and their models take pride of place in our Planbuild ‘pool room’

Planbuild Homes are specialists in 2 storey narrow-block designs. We build quality and functional homes with two levels on small blocks all the time. Experience and clever budgeting has taught us how to maximise style, space and value – so you can feel like you’re living it up in a mansion on a project home budget.

Our double story home designs can be tailored to your personal preferences and growing family – to accommodate you in comfort and style now and in the future as your needs change.

Let’s build you a double-decker!

Visit one of our double-storey Display Homes to speak to one of our New Home Consultants. You can also reach us by calling 1300 301 211.

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