Buying property near water? Here are some considerations.

Planbuild Property near water

Having a gorgeous view of the ocean or river can be the perfect recipe for your own dream home.

Australia has over 47,000 km of coastline, with our stunning beaches forming a core part of our culture and national identity. However, building a home on the water must be done with careful consultation and research – here are some considerations:Is your intended use permitted in the land use district?

  1. Will the building setbacks from shorelines and roads allow you to build in your preferred location?
  2. Are there activities present or allowed in the area that may be undesirable to you?
  3. What access rights will you have?  Learn whether the beach is private or public and what rights come with owning the property – including which activities are permitted in the water. You often gain access to beaches even if you’re a few streets back from the coast, which may be a more affordable option.
  4. Will you have additional costs for footing, foundation, septic and so on?
  5. Depending on the soil quality, building close to the water can require special measures for your house’s foundational structure and utilities.
  6. How should you prepare your property to withstand the elements?  Waterfront properties must withstand salty wind and other elements. Designing with the right materials will significantly cut down on your maintenance and upkeep costs.
  7. What’s your risk for natural disasters?  Check the weather history of the area, such as flooding and storm surges. All this will impact on how close you should build your home to the water, it can also affect your insurance rates.
  8. What safety precautions should you take?  Particularly if you have small children or pets, you’ll want to have water safety at the forefront of your mind. From installing alarms on doors to creating gated areas for youngsters to play in, understand the risks at your beach and guard against them.
  9. Is the property protected against erosion?  The ebb and flow of the waves, along with wind and rain, are responsible for some of the remarkable coastal formations along Australia’s boarder. However, erosion can also wear away at your land, possibly decreasing the size of your property, putting your house in danger and lowering the value of your asset.

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